Now Anyone Can Make Songs. 

In Seconds.

In the palm of your hand. Wherever creativity strikes.

Meet Orba

Play any sound in the world.

As simple as a tap, designed for all skills levels and styles of music. 

Orba's sounds include traditional instruments like guitars, pianos, basses, drums, electronic synth sounds but also sounds recorded by you like dogs, cats, door bells and beyond.

From kids to music pros.

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See just how easy it is to create a song on Orba.

Skip to 0:23 for How to make your voice an instrument.

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Record any sound from the real world and turn it into a playable instrument. 

The doorbell, your car, the ding of an elevator... can all be played with the press of a button. Dogscatsyour roommate singing and beyond...

What will you turn into a song?


Turn movement into sound! Bump Orba to hear a clap. Tilt Orba to morph your sound. You don't have to think about a thing: just hold Orba naturally in your hands and hear how the music transforms.

Tap, Press Radiate, Tilt, Shake, Spin, Vibrato, Move and Bump


Your friends laughing on a loop? We've got you. 

 Grandpa's snoring again? Loop it and show the family.

Neighbor's cat meowing? Turn it into a song!

Orba allows you to record loops right on the device itself. 

Combine these sounds with Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead to create songs that are uniquely yours and that everyone will love.

Just have fun with it.


Our quantize feature will automatically make your performance perfectly timed to the beat. This means you can focus on creativity and fun, and Orba will take care of the rest. 

What are you waiting for?


Be the star of your own show when on your own, and impress and entertain everyone around you when you've got company. Even better, get them involved and have a proper music jam.

How will you play?

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